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Time to show something else….

As you can read on my blog I make bodyprints, they are huge, well… as huge as persons can be! And as it is hard to sell huge works I did smaller prints. KATEGOs are my fingerprints, they look like regular fingerprints but they are not. They are mine…

As everybody is unique, my fingerprint is aswell… I play with comunication, partnership and everyday situations.

In 2013 I made 88 KATEGOs, most of them are sold and it made me very happy I got such a great feedback. I sold them, framed , for 35 Euro. Poeple came and bought one or two and even 4 at a time.

I like my KATEGOs, they are fun to do and fun to sell. And when poeple smile at them I feel happy!

have fun!!

Here are some of them left…. the framed ones on the pictures are gone…


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